Rod Steiger

Born: 14 April 1925, Westhampton, New York, USA.
Died: 9 July 2002, Los Angeles, California, USA.

A character actor of much acclaim. He has appeared in many renowned films including 'On the Waterfront', 'The Harder They Fall', 'Al Capone', 'Doctor Zhivago' ... the list goes on.

There are many parallels between the character Juan, played by Steiger, in 'Duck You Sucker', and Eli Wallach's Tuco from 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'. But Wallach is a hard act to follow and, as such, comparisons are invariably to the detriment of Steiger.

But in isolation the performance is good, even if the accent can grate at first. It has been said that Leone had to work on physically exhausting the actor in order to curb his over-exuberance and to force him to play down the part.

He starred with another great actor, Gabriel Byrne, in 'End of Days' and with an awful actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in ... errrr ... 'End of Days'. Arnie makes the film his own ... i.e. awful.

Spaghetti credentials:
Duck You Sucker (1971)