Remington Over-And-Under .41 "Deringer"

The Remington double-barrelled Over-And-Under calibre .41 was a very popular pocket pistol in the West.

Known collectively as 'Deringers' after Philadelphia gunmaker Henry Deringer, pocket pistols were popular as a concealed firearm, particularly in gambling houses.

The small size of these firearms was often at the cost of accuracy, but at close range across a card table they could be deadly. This lack of accuracy gave a need for multi-shot weapons and Deringers with up to four barrels were available.

Colonel Mortimer carries a Remington Over-And-Under up his sleeve.

Spaghetti Westerns often dreamt up wild and wacky Deringers for their protagonists such as Sartana's with removable cylinder (decorated with the card suits), and Sabata's four-barrelled pistol that also fires from the butt.