Colt Model 1951 Navy .36

"Colt did for firearms what the Wright brothers did for the airplane."

In 1836 Samuel Colt patented his revolving cylinder design and combined this with the percussion ignition system to create the first practical fast-firing repeaters.

Colt mass-produced several models in his new factory in Hartford, Connecticut (where the company is still located today) including the Colt Dragoon and Pocket Model. In 1851 the Navy Revolver was introduced and proved to be highly popular particularly with civilians. The 1861 Army Model, .44 inch calibre, was later adopted by the Army as standard issue during the Civil War. The terms 'navy' and 'army' are used purely to distinguish different calibres and do not imply usage by the different armed services.

Many Navy models were subsequently converted for cartridge use, as is the firearm used by Blondie in 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'. His model also features an octagonal barrel.

Colt stopped production of the Navy Model in 1973 when it was superseded by the legendary Single Action Army 'Peacemaker'.