Smith & Wesson Schofield .45

After the introduction of cartridge revolvers Smith & Wesson became Colt's main competitor. The Smith & Wesson was faster to unload than the 'Peacemaker' with a barrel that pivoted forward to automatically eject used cartridges.

Buffalo Bill Cody and Wyatt Earp reputedly carried a First Model Single Action Smith & Weston, calibre .44, introduced in 1870.

An army major called Schofield later improved on the pivoting barrel catch mechanism and subsequent .45 calibre models were named after him. The 'Schofield' was favoured by Jesse James.

Smith & Wessons are seldom seen in Spaghetti Westerns. The model below is a No.3 Model Army .44 calibre as seen in the film 'Bandidos'.

This gun from 'Cut Throats Nine' appears to be a Smith and Wesson 'Frontier' model.