Winchester .44 Carbine "Yellowboy"

"When a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle ... the man with the pistol will be a dead man."

The Henry rifle, designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry for Oliver Winchester's firearm company, was a derivative of the Volcanic rifle, with its distinct drop lever action. Running the length of the barrel was a tubular magazine that could hold sixteen rounds.

One weakness of the Henry rifle was that it had an exposed magazine spring requiring the rifle to be loaded from the muzzle end. This was resolved in the next model by adding a loading slot to the receiver allowing the magazine to be completely enclosed. This was the highly popular Winchester Model 1866. The rifle retained the brass receiver of the Henry rifle and led to its nickname the 'Yellowboy'. It was available as both a rifle and a 20-inch barrel carbine.

The subsequent '73 Model, was stronger and lighter in construction and used more powerful centre fire cartridges. The success of this model lead to it being dubbed 'The Gun That Won the West' - a title that it shares with the Colt 'Peacemaker'

Blondie's Henry Rifle has a side mounted sighting scope

Woody Strode's Winchester, sawn off at both the barrel and shoulder
stock, is carried in a holster in 'Once Upon a Time in the West'.