The credit sequence

Three intimidating gunfighters arrive at the makeshift station of Cattle Corner. The stationmaster marks on a board that the Flagstone train has been delayed by two hours. The gunmen approach him. He offers them tickets but they have no intention of buying. Instead they lead him to the office, push him inside and slam closed the door, bolting it with a loud metallic clank. The screen goes black. 'A Sergio Leone Film'.

The gunfighters walk onto the platform, cobbled together from
old sleepers. One sits down
on a bench, another walks towards a water tower.

A windmill, desperately in
need of some oil, groans periodically.
The third gunman makes his
way to a water trough at the
other end of the platform.

The first man rocks on
the bench, creaking.

A telegraph machine kicks into
life inside the window next to
him. All the time the persistent whining of the windmill.
The telegraph machine clatters away. The man looks towards it. CLACK, CLACK, CLACK.
The creak of the windmill.

He reaches across and grabs
the wires of the machine and,
with a hard yank, pulls them

SILENCE. The second man, standing below the water tower, fans himself with his hat. SPLAT. A drop of water hits the top of his bald head. He raises his eyes.

A second drop hits him square
on the forehead. Slowly he
raises his hat to his head. A
dull thud as the next drop hits
the crown of his hat.

The third man sits on the
water trough. He crunches
his knuckles.
Back to the first man. A fly buzzes around his face. It
settles on his neck and walks across his chin. He flinches.

More knuckle crunching from
the man at the water trough.

The fly is still hounding
the man on the bench.
He blows at it to
no effect.
Water continues to drip
on the man below the
water tower.

But now it splashes into a
small puddle collecting in the
brim of his hat. The windmill
starts its rhythmic drone again.

The first man has lost patience with the fly. Waving at his face, his eyes follow the fly's path
as it takes flight. It settles
on the bench beside him.
He slowly raises his gun and suddenly thrusts the barrel
against the side of the bench trapping the fly. Its buzzes frantically inside.

Carefully the gunman puts his finger over the end of the barrel and raises it to his ear to listen
to the anxious fly. He grins.

In the distance, the sound
of an approaching train.
Suddenly the train is upon us, thundering over the camera.

The man at the water tower
slowly brings the rim of his
hat to his lips. He drinks the
water that has collected.

In the background we hear the panting of the train as it draws nearer. The man at the water trough turns to watch it
At the water tower the man
takes out a rifle with a sawn
down barrel. He cocks and
loads it.

He looks up as the train
gets nearer.

The train is now pulling up
to the station, all the time
getting louder.
The seated man rises and
walks toward the centre of
the platform.

The train pulls in to the
station as the words
'Directed by Sergio Leone'
fall in front as if bringing
it to stop.

And there we have the longest credit sequence in cinematic history, running close to seven minutes. The scene continues in the same fashion - the train stands panting in the station like a gigantic metallic beast - a wagon door slides open. And then, as the train pulls off, the three gunfighters turn to leave, convinced that the man they have been waiting for has not shown.

But then, the sound of a harmonica ...

Screen captures taken from UK Paramount DVD release of 'Once Upon a Time in the West'