The reward poster sequence

The film cuts from the laughing face of bandit El Indio to show
the same visage on a poster.
The camera pans up to reveal
it's a reward poster and to
show the butt of a gun being
used to hammer in the nails.

The camera drops back to
mid-shot. The sheriff turns and leaves the frame to the right.

The camera holds it's position as, in close-up, the 'Man With No Name' enters the frame from the left. We see only his gun hand with tell-tale wrist protector. The camera cuts to his face in close-up - he raises a cigar to
his mouth.

The camera cuts back to
the face on the reward

It pans up to show the
reward amount of
We cut to another face, again
in close-up. This time the other bounty killer introduced earlier
in the film.

Another cut back to the face of
the reward poster. This time the camera pans down to the words 'Dead or Alive'. A shot rings out
on the soundtrack.

The camera cuts back to the bounty killer's face - this time closer still.
Cut back again to the poster.

Again to the bounty hunter - closer.

Quicker - closer -
back to the poster.

Now onto the bounty hunter's
eyes in extreme close-up.


All the time speeding up -
back to the eyes of the
reward poster.


BANG ...
... BANG ...
...... BANG ...
......... BANG ...

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Screen captures taken from UK MGM DVD release of 'For a Few Dollars More'