"The Man with Gunsight Eyes"

There are many parallels between Sabata and Sartana. Both characters were created by director Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini), both dress in a black cloak with necktie, and both are very much James Bond figures in a Western setting.

But with Sabata, gone is any hint of the supernatural, replaced instead with more humour. And while Sartana is very much a solitary figure, Sabata always acquires a group of sidekicks on his escapades.

Sabata has a Derringer handgun that shoots not only in the conventional way, but also fires from the butt of the handle - thereby making him the character most likely to shoot himself in the foot!

Sabata was intially played by Lee Van Cleef who returned in ... urrrr ... 'Return of Sabata', with an opening sequence very reminsent of that from 'The Man with the Golden Gun'.

Yul Brynner played the character in 'Adios Sabata' - a film originally titled 'Indio Black', the name was changed (you guessed it) to cash-in on the popularity of the first release. But the film is very much in keeping with it's namesake - same director (Kramer) with a similar plot and characters. Why 'Adios'? Well, maybe everyone was keen to leave when Sabata showed up wearing bell-bottom trousers complete with tassels.

Appeared in:
Sabata (1969, with Lee Van Cleef)
Adios Sabata (1970, with Yul Brynner)
Return of Sabata (1972, with Lee Van Cleef)