"I am your pallbearer"

The tone is set by Sartana's opening line from Frank Kramer (aka Gianfranco Parolini)'s 'If You Meet Sartana ... Pray for Your Death'.

Sartana, the 'Angel of Death', is not motivated by revenge or money, but appears to be an avenger from the afterlife. Is he supernatural? - we don't know - we're not supposed to know - such is the enigma of Sartana. The figure dressed in black, played by Gianni Garko, seems to defy death.

As the series developed, with Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carmineo) taking over the director's helm, Sartana became less supernatural and more super-agent - very much the James Bond of the West. Always stylishly dressed, with necktie and black cloak, he frequents casinos, and has a range of gadgets and weapons to put 007 to shame - his favoured firearm being his pocket Derringer pistol.

After Garko, George Hilton played the role for one movie - "I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin".

Incidentally Garko played a villain by the same name in 'One Thousand Dollars on the Black', previous to the first official Sartana release.

Like Django, many other films cashed-in on the Sartana name with little relation to the original.

The official Sartana films are:
'If You Meet Sartana ... Pray for Your Death' (1968, Dir: Kramer, with Garko)
'I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death' (1969, Dir: Ascott, with Garko)
'Have a Good Funeral, My Friend ... Sartana Will Pay' (1971, Dir: Ascott, with Garko)
'Light the Fuse ... Sartana is Coming' (1971, Dir: Ascott, with Garko)
'I am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin' (1972, Dir: Ascott, with Hilton)