Movie Poster Quiz


a) A Pistol for Ringo

b) Django

c) Once Upon a Time in the West

d) For a Few Dollars More

e) Django Shoots First


a) They Call Him Cemetery

b) Return of Sabata

c) Long Days of Vengeance

d) Price of Power

e) Day Of Anger


a) Cemetery Without Crosses

b) Hate for Hate

c) Man Called Noon

d) Killer Adios

e) The Ugly Ones


a) A Fistful of Dollars

b) Navajo Joe

c) For a Few Dollars More

d) Quien Sabe?

e) Bandidos


a) A Taste for Killing

b) I Came, I Saw, I Shot

c) My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow

d) No Room to Die

e) The Moment to Kill


a) Day of Anger

b) Bad Man's River

c) Price of Power

d) Death Rides a Horse

e) Take a Hard Ride


a) Forgotten Pistolero

b) Django the Bastard

c) Fort Yuma Gold

d) A Pistol for Ringo

e) Seven Dollars on the Red


a) Django the Bastard

b) And God Said to Cain

c) Django Kill

d) Awkward Hands

e) Duel in the Eclipse


a) Sabata

b) The Mercenary

c) Duck You Sucker

d) Quien Sabe?

e) Tepepa


a) Killer Kid

b) Johnny Yuma

c) Long Days of Vengeance

d) Arizona

e) Duel at Sundown

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