Way of the Reckoning Gun

Chris Casey has a admirable history as a musician. He toured extensively with the instrumental group Kyodai (a Japanese term meaning Brothers) - a band that fused surf, jazz and rock music.

He has a love of fine music, Spaghetti Westerns and Japanese cinema. As we know, fine music and Spaghetti Westerns go hand in hand, and Chris' latest project combines these two elements.

'The Way of the Reckoning Gun' is Chris' musical homage to the genre, comprising original compositions that very much capture the essence of the Spaghetti Western. All tracks, predominantly instrumental, are performed entirely by Chris - acoustic and electric guitars are complimented by Chris' great whistling.

Flamenco rhythms, galloping guitars and haunting melodies combine to form an outstanding collection of work, that I for one love, and that has received nothing but praise from the members of the Spaghetti Western Web-Board.

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"Chris catches the feeling and sound of the Spaghetti
Westerns as if he were recording his CD in 1968. It's
the best new Spaghetti sound so far this century."

Tom Betts (editor of WAI)