On the 7th Feb, 2003 the poleshiftdiscussion chat group was attacked, and whoever was responsible banned QueenVee from her own group. (All background chatter has been eliminated to better show the effects.

Session Start: Sat Feb 08 12:05:03 2003
Session Ident: #poleshiftdiscussion

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[12:09] <QueenVee> SORRY ABOUT THAT
[12:09] * Looking up QueenVee user info...
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[12:22] <Queen-away> NANCY: I and this channel have been under a persistent hacker attack yesterday and today, so i will probably not be here to moderate. I ask that you please NOT hold a session in here if i am not allowed to moderate. Texas will announce that it is cancelled, and i will talk to you via email later.
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[12:24] <NancyL> OK Queen, guess the inbound big red complex is getting them nervous!
[12:24] <NancyL> I will also watch for YOU, Queen-Away, and if you
disappear, I will quit

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[12:31] <NancyL> Queen!
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Session Close: Sat Feb 08 12:33:36 2003

[The session was cut short and switched to the Zetatalk IRC]


The following week wasn't much better for QueenVee even though she appeared with the new  "MODERATOR" ID, obviously due to her inability to log on as QueenVee. However this time her chat group was invaded

Session Start: Sat Feb 15 11:25:45 2003
Session Ident: #shift2003

[12:13] <MODERATOR> ANNOUNCEMENT: Should I for some reason get knocked off the internet again, like last week, MIKE-O will be taking over as MODERATOR....
[12:14] <Mike-O> Hello, Moderator. (Queen?)
[12:14] <MODERATOR> who else?

[12:16] <Ron> * Domicile ( *!*@209.130.172.* ) has joined  #poleshiftdiscussion
[12:16] <Ron> <NancyL> SIGNS of the TIMES #4 Stop the Moderated Chats!
[12:16] <Ron> <NancyL> From: Vridout@hotmail.com; Subject: Re: [WebForm] Please step down; Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 "Nancy, I know you are a fraud! You know you are a fraud! That is why I could not let you have your normal session on my IRC server this past weekend. I believe in the coming events as much as you do, but I refuse to believe half of the Zeta-Babble that comes out of your mouth!!”
[12:17] <Ron> <NancyL> “ Please Nancy, do what is best for all of these followers you have and step aside. I can guide them on the right path much better than you can. I can understand the messages from the Zeta much better than you can. Why? Because the Zeta people don't really exist.”
[12:17] <Ron> <NancyL> “They only exist in your head. We need to focus on how to survive the pole shift and not on these conspiracies the Zeta's keep babbling about. I don't know if you need mental help or if you just like people believing the crazy Zeta-Babble that comes out of your head but it needs to stop!"
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[12:20] <NancyL> Hi folks, I got a private invitation to come here.  Is this where the chat will occur?
[12:20] <MODERATOR> YES, NANCY-- this is QueenVee speaking
[12:20] <MODERATOR> obany
[12:25] <MODERATOR> brb
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[12:27] <MODERATOR2> okay, i'm back

[12:28] <MODERATOR2> obany: you're in charge of moderation mode

[12:33] * MODERATOR2 is now known as MODERATOR

[13:34] <MODERATOR> THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING! Our apologies for the technical glitches in our first-run with the new set-up. Please feel free to email me with suggestions on how it might be improved (queenvee59@hotmail.com).
[13:38] <MODERATOR> FOR NEXT WEEK’S SESSION: Just go to #poleshiftsession again and wait to be invited into this room. This room is password-protected and requires an invitation.

[Apart from that the session went off unhindered.]



Despite the password, invitation only protection on the 22nd of Feb another major attack took place.

Session Start: Sat Feb 22 11:19:04 2003
Session Ident: #poleshiftdiscussion

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[At this point everyone was disconnected.]
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[12:58] <QueenVee> did everybody go bye bye?
[12:58] <GEX> and nancy isn't here either
[12:58] <obany> we have to wait for Nancy
[12:59] <humvee> what just universally disconnected the whole room?
[12:59] <QueenVee> dunno humvee
[13:00] <QueenVee>  Welcome back. We just experienced a net split, and are waiting for participants (including Nancy Lieder) to return. Please have patience and wait.
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[13:07] #poleshiftdiscussion Cannot send to channel
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[13:14] <QueenVee> hello?
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[13:17] <NancyL> ZT to GEX: The continued attacks on Queen's well
disciplined channel is due to her success in having a flowing and structured discussion.

[Only there is no "flowing, structured discussion," unless you count Nancy's sessions which are just Q&A related.]
[13:18] <NancyL> ZT: The debunkers are eliminated, removed promptly as well as any good hearted folk wanting to be chatting or distracting.

[The "debunkers?" There aren't any on poleshift# its a closed group.]
[13:18] <NancyL> ZT: She is vicious in her intent to have a discussion
CONTINUE in spite of all the panic and deliberate distraction that might
ensue during these times.

[13:18] <NancyL> ZT: It is not her strong hand that has brought the attacks about, but her success.

[Rubbish she pissed someone off. Had it been some government conspiracy I think they could do better than just take her off-line for a couple of sessions.]
[13:19] <NancyL> ZT: Many school marms who are strict are hated, resented, but they succeed in getting the lessons attended to.

[No they end up being hated by the greater percentage, unless you're a teachers pet, in which case your too busy trying to kiss their arse.]
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[13:19] <NancyL> ZT: Anyone wanting to see a different arena need only compare the #zetatalk channel in the weeks before Queen's channel started to see the chaos.

[Probably a reference to the sci-astro crowd prior to the takeover coo.]
[13:20] <NancyL> ZT: This was what the debunkers wanted, an utter inability of anyone to ask a civil question of the Zetas.
[13:20] <NancyL> ZT: They wanted the right to post THEIR opinions, solely, or in such clutter than a newcomer reading these logs would be drown in disinformation.

[Nancy must be reading a different chat log as they barely get to stay on before being booted. Besides she's always complementing the list cops for doing such a good job, yet now claiming they don't? Could that be more hypocrisy?]
[13:20] <NancyL> ZT: They wanted to comandeer the stage, have it be THEIR stage.
[13:21] <NancyL> ZT: The resentment, and attacks against, Queen, are because she changed this, and #zetatalk has become someone more controlled in recent weeks ONLY because they are trying to encourage Queen and all who support her to give up!

[No it's because of the IRC takeover, set up by QueenVee.]
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[13:21] <NancyL> ZT: It would shortly go back to the old days, if she did

[13:22] <NancyL> ZT: Thus, the minions are out trying to attack THIS
channel, the #poleshiftdiscussion channel, but hold firm!

[13:22] <NancyL> ZT: This will not last, as the Earth Changes have gotten so severe, are already leaking outside of media control, and will soon have everyone, including the debunkers, so distracted they will have other matters to attend to.

[Earth changes, perhaps, although these can still be attributed to other reasons. There is hardly a rush to believe in the mythical 12th as the main cause as yet. Besides the world is more interested in the US, UK and Iraq to pay any attention to the skies.]
[13:23] <NancyL> ZT: Bear in mind that ALL humans on Earth, even those expected to be faithful in their duties, are worried about themselves and their families and safety.
[13:23] <NancyL> ZT: They do NOT ahear to their masters, when push comes to shove, and will flater in their duties increasingly.
[13:24] <NancyL> ZT: Thus, consider this a temporary attack, diminishing in intensity, and likely to disappear within weeks.
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[13:25] * Queen-away is completely confused
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Session Close: Sat Feb 22 13:45:38 2003