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" For the record, Obany has been stripped of OP status on the IRC chat room
(#zetatalk_crisis). Greg has taken this action and has apparently installed
himself as head op.

Mike O'Hara



A fair bit happening now. First #Zetatalk, due to some internal wrangling was handed over to what the Zeta faithful term as "debunkers" effectively destroying the chat group. So they hastily set up #Zetatlk_crisis so Nancy could continue uninterrupted. However this caused a bit of internal hassle on the TT-groups when Obany was effectively booted as Op (moderator.)


From: "Mike O'Hara" <ppplanet@a...>
Date: Sat May 17, 2003 3:05 pm
Subject: Obany stripped of OP status

For the record, Obany has been stripped of OP status on the IRC chat room
(#zetatalk_crisis). Greg has taken this action and has apparently installed
himself as head op.

Obany has been moderating the chat room for several years, but has now been kicked out by someone who's been here a month.

To my knowledge, Greg has consulted with neither Nancy nor Obany about
taking this questionable action.



Good for you Mike, you're going up in my estimation, not much, but just a bit. Which obviously caused some very hasty back scene manoeuvring and bullying before QueenVee showed up to set the membership straight. (Never at any time did Gerard Zwann (Obany) turn up to voice his opinion in Mike's statement and neither did he apologise for making the mistake in the first place. Obviously there was some sort of falling out. Zeta crisis is obviously aptly named.)

From: "queenvee59" <queenvee59@h...>
Date: Sat May 17, 2003 7:41 pm
Subject: Re: Obany Has NOT been stripped of OP status

For the record, Obany is indeed an operator in the new #zetatalk_crisis channel on And Nancy's Zetatalk Session will be held in #zetatalk_crisis today (Saturday, at 22:00 UTC) in view of the fact that Obany has lost ownership (and op status) in the original #zetatalk channel on




From: "queenvee59" <queenvee59@h...>
Date: Sat May 17, 2003 9:05 pm

As most of you are already aware, due to an ownership mix-up, the #zetatalk channel on has been taken over by a group of debunker types, and all of the usual ops (including Obany) have been stripped of their status. There is currently an imposter Obany and NancyL on the channel, and they will attempt to conduct a fake

The real session is being held in the #zetatalk_crisis channel on, at the usual Saturday session time -- 22:00 UTC (6pm EST). Look forward to seeing you there.



From: Duane Elderkin <duanee@c...>

Date: Fri May 16, 2003 4:42 am

Subject: Zetatalk channel hostile takeover


#Zetatalk appears to be under new management. New ops and its all the



From: "Jeremy Rogers" <jeremy.rogers1@b...>

Date: Fri May 16, 2003 8:47 am


Subject: Re: Zetatalk channel hostile takeover. I don't know the full story behind this little charade, but I all can say to the perpetrators is that they are a bunch of childish, cowardly, adolescent idiots who get a kick out of attacking other peoples religous beliefs. I used the term religous beliefs as an

analogy for believers in ZetaTalk. Disagreeing with the rules of conduct or premise of a chat group is no excuse to invade and effectively destroy it. In the real world outside of cyberspace, if you didn't like the issues discussed at a weekly meeting at a local club (for example) then you should simply choose not to attend.Now we have such characters as 'fluffycat' and a fake Nancy running the show there.


One unconfirmed explanation for the coup is that GregB handed over control to Valmont who in turn removed all the existing operators and installed known troublemakers as ops in their place.


I should add that the people who pull off these stunts very often remain anonymous and don't have any courage to stand up and reveal their true identity.