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“Want the truth? Read ZetaTalk, and if any human theory differs, it is wrong.”

Nancy Lieder, Dec 2002



Part Alien, part doomsday theme. Earth is about to be destroyed and the Zeta’s (a race of alien grey’s) have come to provide guidance and warning of this impending event. And if anyone didn’t know any better it almost sounds like some epic blockbuster movie, without the original motion picture score.


Nancy Lieder, sole emissary and spokesperson of the Zeta alien culture has been on several US radio talk shows, published a book on the subject, produced a video showing the concept of the Pole shift and has written a script for a film, which is still awaiting discovery by some enterprising director, although they’d be pushed now to get it produced before May 2003.


Zetatalk began back in 1995, originally formed by Nancy, who set up the separate Troubled Times Incorporated to oversee any finance and projects. Prior to which she was a participant of Michael Lindemann’s ISCNI Institute for the study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence) With her at that time was Ron Darby, a former NASA contract worker who had met Nancy through his various connections.


Ron’s own account:

“Nancy claimed that she was in contact with Zetas and that they would answer questions posed to them through Nancy. Over a relatively short time these questions and answers took up much of the discussion. It actually became rather disruptive but also extremely popular. Therefore it was given a special “place” or forum. Eventually, a tremendous volume of stuff had accumulated and Lindemann and Nancy agreed to package all these “answers” and create a web site hosted on AOL.

At some point a rift developed between Nancy and Lindimann and he threatened to withdraw his support for hosting ZetaTalk on the AOL web host that he had access to. This infuriated me and after a few phone conversations between Nancy and myself I hosted ZetaTalk on a web site, which I had already started, called The Millennium Project.

Very shortly after ZetaTalk was on the web, I had my second hospitalisation. During this time Nancy took over maintenance of both ZetaTalk and The Millennium Project. When I got out of the hospital I really wasn’t in shape to keep up with the work. The Millennium Project was converted into Troubled Times and Nancy did all the work.”


So Zetatalk and Troubled Times were born. It’s concept and ideals, should the fabled mythical planet return, a godsend to anyone who should follow. (This is documented evidence detailing Nancy, Zetatalk and Troubled Times for any future reference and from the stand point of a former long-term contributing member.)


Troubled Times


“Troubled Times Inc. informs the public of the upcoming pole shift through means such as a video, a movie, and by written word; as a constructive resource for those teams building prototypes or exploring the feasibility of practical solutions for the difficult times during and after the coming pole shift; and in its charter as an educational organization, assisting in disseminating the knowledge gained from such efforts”.



“The nonprofit organization, Troubled Times, Inc. is a separate entity from this volunteer group, but shares the same goals and values. Though many individuals are members in both groups, they are separate legal entities. This volunteer group is under no obligation to adhear to any of the Troubled Times, Inc. bylaws, nor is it under any restrictions or stipulations that grants to Troubled Times, Inc. may require. Troubled Times, Inc., the nonprofit organization, hopes to further the goals expressed by both Troubled Times groups through prototype development, experimentation, and media outreach.”


Details of the non-profit organisation, annual report (last edition 2001), board directors etc, at:




Directors and Officers

Directors are nominated by the membership, and elected during the annual elections held in February. Officers are likewise elected by the membership, but confirmed by the Board, at whose pleasure they serve. The roster below represents the Officers and Appointed Positions (who all served on the Board) and the remaining Board Members who served during 2001. (Note this has subsequently changed but no changes have been made to the official records since 2001.)


President: Brent Freemont

VP: Roger Thuma

Treasurer / Admin VP: Nancy Liederr

Secretary: Shirley Short

Internet Comm: Gerard Zwaan

Internal Auditor: Jan Rypdal

Board: Jurian van der Knaap (Resigned, May 2002 due to his own doubts.)

Board: Mary Simpson

Board: Toni Simpson

Board: Shaul Volkov (Forced to resign after concerted witch-hunt initiated by Nancy.)

Board: Barry Setser


(For background into its past and present membership visit)




The backbone of troubled times. E-mail based discussion groups designed for membership contributions and discussions of the coming 12th planet.


tt-social …… for social discussions covering almost anything.

tt-welcome initially for newcomers so they can get acquainted

         with the tt-groups and routines.

tt-watch …… news based contributions detailing anything news

         worthy concerning

tt-forum ….. survival and preparation based topics for submission

          to the Troubled Times reference library.


TT Moderators

The TT groups are moderated by what was once fondly referred to as the “posse” in that they were volunteer members, considered Sheriff and Marshals, that were appointed to keep the peace. This is now under TT-Inc control despite their own legal restrictions preventing interference on the groups. Recent events on these groups have given it true cult status as all free speech has now been suppressed with the installation of a dictatorial monitoring system that instantly moderates or bans any dissenting voices. Questions, provided they fall into a positive rather than negative form are the only ones allowed. At the moment the present moderators total 8.


Clipper Ordiway (Sheriff and owner of certain tt-groups, former tt-Inc.)

Nancy Lieder (Marshal, tt-Inc)

Jan Rypdal (Marshal, tt-Inc)

Milly Gumper (Marshal)

Brent Freemont (Marshal, tt-Inc)

Gerrad  Zwaan (Marshal, tt-Inc aka “obany” IRC chat)

Antti (Marshal)


As you can see pretty much under Inc control now, although you’ll only actually see Jan doing most of the “moderating,” sometimes Milly and Clipper. The rest goes on behind the scenes on “tt-posse,” the moderators own private discussion group.


Live Zetatalk IRC

Exclusive link to chat with the Zeta’s and Nancy herself, but be careful not to disrupt with difficult questions or you’ll find yourself temporarily off line or banned by the IRC cops. These are.


Jurian van der Knaap  (Owner, former tt-Inc officer who is gradually growing tired of Nancy and her attitude.)

Sean White (a.k.a. Sirgrim, voted onto the tt-Inc board after Jurian resigned.)

QueenVee (see below)


Special live Zetatalk IRC

Recent events resulted in Nancy being banned from her own IRC and as a result another Zeta faithful “Queenvee” offered use of her site, “poleshiftdisscussion” where she set up an alternative so that Nancy could speak freely, but also prevent interference from what they consider “disruptive” elements. (Basically anyone asking the wrong questions.) Heavily moderated with scripted questions and answers. Possibly the new home of the IRC should Jurian withdraw his help and his IRC site as threatened during Nancy’s attack and subsequent ban. (See IRC Session Sat Oct 26 2002 for details.)


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