In the early 1980's, Howard Gardener put forward his theory of Multiple Intelligences, which has now gained wide acceptance. He originally proposed 7 intelligences, but later added another, hence they are often referred to as 7 + 1. Conventional education has tended to concentrate on just 2, Linguistic and Mathematical/Logical. but this can deny the development of the full potential of our brain.

Gardner defines intelligence as

"the capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural setting" (Gardner & Hatch, 1989).

To discover more about each intelligence, click on the appropriate segment of the diagram.

You can get a personal intelligence profile from by clicking on the link below

MI Rhyme

"I like numbers"

"I like words"

"I like to think of trees and birds"

"It helps me when I act it out"

"Pictures show me what it's about"

"I like to sort it for myself"

 "I like my friends to give me help"

"If I find that it's going wrong, I like to write it in a song"

If YOU turn all the MI's on

You'll operate with 7 + 1

Can you identify the types of intelligence referred to in MI rhyme below?


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