We have already seen that a non-threatening environment is essential for successful learning to take place. The climate for learning has definitely been identified as a key factor in ensuring success.

Those providing the learning environment should enure that it is comfortable, welcoming, encouraging and supportive.

Someone who has just been shouted at is likely to have "downshifted" and probably will not be able to learn efficiently for the next 20mins.

Many studies have suggested that appropriate music can be very useful in creating a good climate for learning. Thought needs to be given to the type of music and its volume.

Many studies have indicated the value of classical music and point to Mozart (the so-called "Mozart effect") as being particularly effective. A recent BBC program reported a study in which the Mozart Violin Concertos were highly recommended.

I have always found Baroque Music conducive to learning and the Pachelbel Canon is one of my personal favourites


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