When you are trying to remember important words or ideas, it helps tremendously to develop brain"hooks" as an aid. These are visual pictures or kinaesthetic memories which link to the word. It doesn't matter how logical, or how ridiculous these are, they can be a great aid to learning.

"Memory men" are well used to using hooks when learning lists of names. eg "Shakespeare"  can conjure up quite an amusing picture which can act as a hook to the name.

Try standing on one leg and tapping your head while you say a difficult to remember name out loud. The chances are that if you carry out the same action a week later, the word will spring into your mind.

Rhymes and pnemonics can also be very useful.Most of us remember "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" for the colours of the spectrum.

   I wrote the following poem to help students understand the Three States of Matter:

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