Our Brain

Learning can be quite a strain

If we don't understand our brain

It's made in parts, one two and three

Each making up what's you and me


The first, deep down is very old

Been there since dinosaurs we're told

It's there to guarantee survival

Breathing, hunting, flee from rivals

Only if we're safe and sound

Will our thoughts shift to higher ground


The second, wrapped around the first

Controls emotions, best and worst

Happy, sad, upset or calm

If too disturbed our learning's harmed


The third part runs our higher thoughts

It's where we process what we're taught

Cells link up, memories created

Tricky problems negotiated

This bit's divided into two

Strong left, strong right, which one are you?

The left likes words and smaller bites

The right whole picture, patterns, sights

If all goes well both halves are used

The cells connect, no one's confused

And then while we are fast asleep

The memories are passed down deep


To sum up this fantastic tool

Will serve us well at home or school

To keep it at its best we oughta

Give it exercise and rest and water


      Bryn Evans 2001


God gave us all billions of brain cells (about 100 billion) to use from the moment we were born. We keep the vast majority of them throughout our lives

The trick is to get them all connected

The more we get properly connected, the better we become, whether it's learning a subject, a sport, dance steps, or any other activity.

The good news is:

We can do something about it and it's never too late

The bad news is:



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