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Introduction to the club & its activities

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Huddersfield Otters A.S.C. has been involved in competitive water polo for the greater part of the last century right through to this new millennium. Today, as in earlier years, the club is committed to maintaining and furthering water polo interests in the Huddersfield and Kirklees areas and to support this it has the use of two 25 metre pools with full water polo facilities and equipment at each venue.

The facilities available give plenty of scope for the full range of coaching, training and competitive activities necessary for a membership of varying ages and abilities.

The Friday night session at the Huddersfield Sports Centre follows the club's swimming session for beginners and younger swimmers which runs from 7.00pm to 8.00pm. The water polo session commences at 8.00pm with the 25m pool facility shared with younger players practice for mini-polo up to 9.00pm and general training for older players to 9.30 pm.

The Tuesday night session is from 8.30pm to 10.00pm and is based at the Galpharm Stadium Pool which gives us an excellent  full depth water polo facility.

Coaching and training are available at each session with the exception of when matches are scheduled at the Galpharm facility. See the current fixture list for details.


Huddersfield Otters are active in a wide range of competitions and leagues with notable successes in all of these areas. The main competition period extends from March through to October when teams are active in Wakefield & District division 1 which, in spite of its local title, involves teams from all areas of Yorkshire and even Derbyshire. During the same period we also have a team entered in the Northern League division 2 which also competes with teams from "the other side of the hill".

The Wakefield & District League also organise a Winter League which is run on a handicap basis (loosely based on team performances during the previous season). In addition to the league matches there are also various Knock-Out competitions, some played on a match by match basis at the participants' venues, whilst others are run as a single competition over 4 or 5 hours at one venue.

For quite a number of our members, their ability and performance at club level have led to selection and representation in  Yorkshire and North Eastern Counties matches.

As a club we are always looking to involve new people, whether their aim is to learn a new sport or to continue what they may have started elsewhere. We like to compete; we like to win; but most of all we like to play water polo.