Huddersfield Otters Water Polo



Water Polo Basics

The Game - is divided into 4 periods of 7 minutes actual playing time (shorter periods for younger age groups) with teams exchanging ends after each period.

Teams - comprise 7 players in the water plus up to 6 substitutes. Substitutions may be made after each period end, when a goal has been scored (by either team), if a player has been excluded by the referee or by injury; and during play by the team in possession of the ball.

Officials - include 2 referees plus timekeepers/scorekeepers.

Basic Rules - catching, passing and shooting with the ball must be one handed (with the exception of the goalkeeper).

Standing or jumping are not allowed (with the exception of the goalkeeper in pools with a shallow end), or fisting or sinking of the ball by anyone.

Holding or sinking of an opposing player is not allowed unless that player is holding the ball at the time.

Fouls - are classified as ordinary or major (3 major fouls will cause a player to be excluded for the remainder of the match)

Possession of the ball by each team is limited to 35 seconds actual playing time, at the end of which possession is awarded to the other team (possession time will be restarted by the occurrence of a shot on goal resulting in a corner, or by a major foul).

Equipment Required - Goal-posts, markers for playing area, 1 ball (football size but lighter); 2 sets of numbered caps of contrasting colours; Enthusiasm.



Huddersfield Otters A.S.C. - has a long history of introducing people to, and expanding their enjoyment of swimming, through its involvement in the teaching of beginners, life-saving, competitive swimming and water polo.

Water Polo Teams are regularly competing in local leagues and also in the Northern Area League.

Club Nights, Training Sessions and Matches are held at the following venues and times:

Galpharm Stadium Pool 8.30 - 10.00pm Tuesday: Water Polo training & matches

Huddersfield Sports Centre 7.00 - 8.30pm Friday: Beginners, General Swimming, Life-saving

Huddersfield Sports Centre 8.00 - 9.30pm Friday: Mini-Polo training; Water Polo training and matches.

For dates of Water Polo Matches see the current fixture list