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For all your fireside accessories visit the showroom in Armstrong Street, Grimsby. We have a great collection of spark guards, fire screens, companion sets/tools, coal buckets & hods, log baskets, fire grates, ashpans & frets for open fires, stove fans, stove pipe thermometers & more.

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Cleaning 2016

LTP Stone Care Kit: Cleans, polishes & maintains natural stone, marble & granite. Renovate existing fireplaces & worktops with this fantastic complete kit. The Stonefoam intensive cleaner lifts dirt & grease from natural & artificial stone including limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, concrete, marble & granite & the polish protects the surface following deep cleaning. The maintenance cleaner is great for day to day cleaning. This complete kit is priced at 35 inc VAT.

Stonefoam - by far the most popular & we believe the best intensive cleaner yet! This intensive cleaner is ideal for use on fireplaces to help lift the dirt & grime from everyday use of your fireplace. Stonefoam can be purchased separately to the above kit & is priced at 9.50 for a 250ml tin.

Rope Glue

Cleaning & maintenance products including stove door rope, rope adhesive, black grate polish, metal polish, flue sealant, carbon monoxide alarms, glass cleaner; etc.

Maintenance Products 2014 Accessories

We have a varied range of open fire grates and accessories in 16” and 18” versions, whether you simply need to replace a grate or if you are looking for a complete set including the fret, grate and ashpan. We keep several types in stock and even more items are available to order.

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