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High Efficiency Fires

Low running costs with high heat outputs! High Efficiency inset gas fires provide a higher efficiency than the standard models as they produce both radiant & convected heat. Radiant heat is generated by the fuel bed & reflected into the room, at the same time, convected heat is produced from cool air, which is drawn through a heat exchanger & emitted through a canopy/opening at the top of the fire, as warm room air. High efficiency gas fires use less gas making running costs lower too! There are several fires available as high efficiency, here are just a few to tempt you with.

Energis Ultra 2

Nu-flame Energis Range:

The latest innovation from British fire manufacturer Nu-flame is the Energis Range of Open fronted, High Efficiency, coal effect gas fires. There are several models available in the Energis range including the Ultra 2 (pictured left) with a 4.82kW heat output and 77% efficiency rating. This is one of the most efficient 16” inset open fronted gas fires in the market place. There is a fantastic choice of frames in brass, black, silver, two tone and cast iron (pictured left) with a great selection of co-ordinating fret options. There is also a striking contemporary frame (pictured right) and a hole in the wall option. Control choices include low level manual control, high level touch control or a hand held remote control, all electronic control systems are battery operated and powered by standard AA batteries - connection to mains electric is not required.


Nu-flame Energis Hotbox:

This stylish looking Open fronted, High Efficiency, coal effect gas fire offers a superb efficiency rating with a great 4.25kW heat output. 

There is a choice of brass, black or silver trim & front options as well as the contemporary frame (as pictured), Options of low level manual control, 3 button high level touch control or a hand held remote control are available.


Kalahari HE

This glass fronted fire is 78% efficient with a 3.2kW heat output. Suitable for use in Class One, Two & flat wall Precast Flues (to current regs.) with sufficient depth & flue size. Choose from brass, black, brushed steel or silver trim with co-ordinating Kinder fret. Coals or pebbles & options of manual, slide or remote control are available.

Orchestra sil 2


This is a glass fronted Balanced Flued inset gas fire with moulded coal fuel effect & is ideal for homes without a chimney or flue. 

80% Efficient with good output of up to 2.8Kw on gas input of only 3.8kw. Choice of silver or brass finish is available with manual control.

Oasis Plus1

The Oasis PLUS HE:

An open fronted high out put gas fire. 74% Efficient with up to 4.7kw heat out put on high setting. Suitable for use in class 1 & 2 flues. Available with options of manual, slide or remote control with great selection of trims & fronts to choose from including brass, black & chrome with modern or traditional fret options or complete front options.


Gazco Riva2 530:

This is a stylish gas fire can be fitted as a hole in the wall fire or with a large fireplace for added impact. Large selection of frame options and choice of fuel bed and lining options. A balanced flue option is also available for those without a chimney.

Logic HE balanced flue_Coal_Spanish Brass_profil frame

Logic HE:

Made by Gazco - the glass fronted Logic HE fire is available for use in conventional flues or with a balance flue for those homes without a chimney. Choice of trim & front options available & manual, slide or hand held remote control. Conventional flue model up to 4.5kW heat output & 89% efficient. Balance flue model up to 3.4kW heat output & 86% efficient.

See also our pages on balance flued & hole in the wall fires for even more high efficiency gas fires


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