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Welcome to Burning Sensation

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We are a small, family run fireplace showroom based in Armstrong Street, Grimsby. We have been at this site for over 28 years now, each year making changes & improvements to our lovely showroom making sure that we keep up to date with trends, as well as providing classic & traditional fireplaces, fires and stoves. Read more ‘about us’ by clicking here or the button above.


We’ve done our best to provide you with a varied selection of images of some of our favourite fireplaces, fires & stoves on this website that is an extension to our beautiful, tardis like showroom in Armstrong Street, Grimsby. We hope to inspire you with our website so you can then call in to the showroom to see for yourself. We have parking directly in front of the showroom and wheelchair access. For opening hours please click on ‘About us’.

We are all beginning to understand the need to be more energy efficient and less wasteful, not just for the environment but for our pocket too. At Burning Sensation Fireplaces we are continuously looking at these social responsibilities with a view to make your fireplace not just a beautiful focal point in your room but one that is efficient and cost effective. This makes us feel good about the products we sell and we hope that with this knowledge it will make you feel good about the way you keep your family warm with the products you buy from our showroom.

The assumption is that an open fronted gas fire will not be efficient or hot – WRONG! Open Fronted Gas Fires such as the Energis range from Nu-flame Ltd provide exceptionally high heat outputs of up to 4.99kW with low gas usage, making their efficiency ratings up to 79.7%. So you can still enjoy the traditional appeal of the open fronted coal effect gas fire.

Energis Ultra 2
Revolution Kinder crop

Glass fronted gas fires are becoming increasingly popular and are great for their efficiency ratings. The Kinder Revolution balanced flue gas fire can be used in homes without a traditional chimney or flue and will provide a superb 94% efficiency rating with a 4.3kW heat output. It comes in a great range of finishes including the contemporary Camber as shown left.

Electric fires provide an efficiency rating of 99%. With out puts of up to 2kW, all of the heat that is produced is sent into the room. There is also no need for a chimney or flue with an electric fire and when the fire is used on the effect only setting, running costs are very minimal particularly those with LED lighting effects.

Evoke chrome

Solid hardwood surrounds and beams are generally made from sustainable sources including European Oak and American Oak. Designs vary from the very traditional oak beam over the inglenook to a more contemporary styled fireplace.


Wood-burning stoves! These are regarded as carbon neutral appliances as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when burned is approximately the same as that absorbed by a tree during its growth. It is also a renewable resource particularly when derived from plantations and cultivated woodland. Woodburning efficiency can even be achieved in more urban environments with the use of a smoke control kit on models like the Stockton 5 featured here (right).

Benidorm showroom

MDF surrounds are a more cost effective alternative to solid hardwood and it’s great to know that much of the MDF is manufactured from what could be waste woodchip, shavings and sawdust! The Benidorm surround (above) is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with MDF. In addition to that, what better way to provide a stunning visual effect in your fireplace than with an electric fire at 99% efficient, it’s got to be a winner!

Stockton 5 MF

Showroom opening hours:

 Our normal hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. We are closed on a Sunday and on bank holidays. If you are making a special journey to see us, please telephone us on 01472 351651. 


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