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We  have recorded ,in the past, our local area  Butterflies  for County Branches of Butterfly Conservation.

Which got us into the various contribution lists,although our main summer occupation is dragonflies!

We took the opportunity to photograph some of the species,which we are showing on our site.

All old fashioned Kodak film put through a Nikon convertor!

Over the years we have found that populations are diminishing,what was easy to find and photograph some years ago is now proving more difficult.

The effects of Conservation effort for other varieties of Flora and Fauna seems to have some effect on the locations of Butterflies.

Clearance of Paths and Rides to improve their recreational use,usually consisting of cutting down all vegetation seems to have caused more problems.The species may not have completely disappeared but are now more difficult to locate.

Seeking Butterflies on the Reserves usually means that there is an equal opportunity to see Wild Orchids growing in relative safety,so we incorporate both species into our photographic efforts.

The Local Group has Three  Reserves in its care.

      Magdalen Hill Down.

      Yew Hill

      Bentley Station Meadow

Work parties are always looking for volunteers to help with the management of these reserves.


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