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So far I have only accessed the 1901 Census Index, but once I have finished gathering information together, I will obtain copy images, and shall put them on this page in place of the Index Clips.
Call Family
Yes! CAD is how they are listed - not one that came easily to mind, and so would never
have been found had I not used our Elizabeth Snr. I knew when and where she was
born, and using this as my search criteria - Bingo! Once I knew they were under Cad a
quick search and I got most of them.
Most of our Calls
Is this our John Call? He appears to be the right age. I think there has been an error in
the translation here, and Bagborough should perhaps be Batcombe. He was actually born
in Ilton, Ilchester. Also I have been unable to find William, Nathan or James so far.
Perhaps when I see the copy census sheet image for David and Elizabeth, all will become
Is this our missing John ?
BUT - this is most definitely the baby of the family why he didn't come up in the
search with the rest of the family I have no idea.
Kosbab Family
As you can see another long search ensued to find our Kosbab Family - I used every
combination I could think of, except of course Hosbab. Eventually using just Henry, place
and age I found him.

BUT wait till you see how his siblings were indexed!
AND This!
Henry Kosbab's Siblings
We have had some funny spellings of our Kosbab name during our lives, so I shouldn't have
been so surprised at finding these oddities - I certainly wouldn't have tried these
combinations in a million years. But it does show that you must keep an open mind to the
many and various ways others may spell your name. Using every possible combination I
could think of and any search criteria permitted by the PRO I was still unable to find our
Charles. Maybe he was out of the country with the dragoons!
Westlake Family
Here's my grandma, working for her living, and where she probably was still to be
found working when my dad was a young boy. One month and four days after this
Census she and Henry Kosbab married.
My dear Grandma
It wasn't possible to find great granddad William Westlake on the same sheet as his wife
under the search criteria allowed by the PRO, but using the numbers that appear when
your cursor is over the name and the picture to the left of it, you get two numbers, and it is
possible to connect family members using these numbers, ie.

Folio ID: 150156 and Name (William Westlake) ID: 3705242
Folio ID: 150156 and Name (Elizabeth Westlake) ID: 3705243

However I was expecting to see a Mary not an Elizabeth - so did great grandad William
marry for a third time - see Westlake Update for more information on this subject
Great Granddad Wm Westlake
Is the following my grans older brother, William Charles Westlake? He is the right age
and was born in the right place. In the 1891 Census he was a Blacksmith, so did he
change his occupation to a more profitable and more likely stable job - oophs no pun
intended, really. Trouble is, Wm Westlake is as common as "Whatever Smith".
Wm Westlake Junior?
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