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to my Family Picture Gallery.

Here you will find pictures of some of my ancestors. Those of my
great great grandparents, I believe are actually drawings and not
photographs, who the artist was, is unknown. Artistic ability
abounds in the family and it may well be that the artist was either
Elizabeth (ne Call) or Charles Eugene Bulot. I doubt we shall
ever know.

I have made use of Shockwave Flash so that I could get all the pictures of the ancestors in one place. By placing the
cursor over a picture a larger version will appear. I have gone for quantity as opposed to quality, so should you want
higher resolution copies of any of the pictures, please let me know and I will be only to happy to send them to you
by email.

On the following pages you will find more pictures of these and other relatives at different stages of their lives, and
finally pictures of people we believe may be relatives, but as yet are unknown to us ... so if you should recognize
anyone at all, please do send me an email.

All pictures are the property of
C A Haley - Humblebee Design.
Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

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