Jacqueline Bertholine was born at rue Chaligny, Paris, France in 1925 to
Odette Renée Cissie BULOT.

Jacqueline spent time both in England and in France, but finally moved with
her mother Odette to England in January 1939.

In 1942 she married John KOSBAB, and they have four daughters, Linda,
Carol, Madeliene and Loren.

Her father was Charles Theodore BERTOLI who was born at rue de Montreuil
31, Paris, France on the 29th January 1902 to Attilio BERTOLI, and Victorine
STEFANINI. Attilio was 40 years old and Victorine was 37 years old when
Charles was born, giving them birth years of 1861/1862 and 1864/1865
respectively. We do not know if they were born in France, but believe there is a
connection to Medina, Italy.

Charles Theodore BERTOLI jilted my Grandmother Odette on their wedding
day. It was nearly two years before he first saw his daughter, but she was never
to know him as a father.

In August of 1926, Charles Theodore BERTOLI legally recognised Jacqueline
as his natural daughter.

He married a Charlotte Irma Larcher in Lille Nord France on the 4 November
1929. I have not been able to obtain a death certificate for him as yet.

My mother was told that he had died when she was tiny, but I have since
discovered that this was not the case. If you know of Charles Theodore
BERTOLI and/or his family please contact me...