Charles Eugene BULOT was born on the 24 February 1877 in La Ferte Vidame in
the district of Chartres, France to Melanie FORTIN and Gabriel BULOT. Gabriel
BULOT occupation at the time of his son's birth was that of Guarde and later became
Estate Manager or Factor of Personnel and Finance of Baron and Baroness Bastard
at Chateau Grossouvre, in the District of Sancoins, France, where his children grew
up in beautiful surroundings. I know little more than this about my great great

Charles had at least two brothers, Henri and Jacque. All served in WW I. Charles
trained as a chef presumably in Paris, and at some time arrived in London, where he
met and married Elizabeth Mckenzie CALL on the 27th July 1902. Charles was 25,
and a Pastry Cook, living at 193 Stanhope St, St Pancras and Elizabeth was 22,
Spinster, living at 11 Little Durweston St Marylebone, London. Witnesses to the
marriage were D McK. Call and Gruet? Jules.

Charles and Elizabeth had five children, Andrée born 3rd quarter of 1901, Odette
born 23 January 1903, at Baker Street, Kensington. Gabriele who died at 18 months
from pneumonia, and is buried in Tooting Cemetary, Henri Louis Emile born 9th Jan
1908 at 10 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgrave and Antoinette born in 1919 in

My BULOT family lived mainly in England, but spent some years in France where all
the children were to meet their future spouses.

Charles and Elizabeth were proprietors of L'Ermitage Restuarant at Il Fanac, an
island in the Marne on the perimeter of Paris.

Charles and Elizabeth returned to England around 1930 and never lived again in
France. They had many shops in and around London, including Buckingham
Palace Road, where great Grandpa produced special pastries for the late Queen
Mary. Charles died November 1954 in Streatham, London, during the evening whilst
celebrating his retirement and Elizabeth's birthday. He and Elizabeth had bought a
little plot of land in Basingstoke where they had intended to build themselves a new

Elizabeth moved to Basingstoke and was there until a few years before her death.
Already Alzheimers was becoming apparent when she finally went to live with her son
Henri and his second wife, Grace. She spent the last year or so in a special nursing

Odette Renée Cissie BULOT was my grandmother and it was while the family were at
l'Emitage that she met Charles Theodore BERTOLI and became pregnant with
Jacqueline by him. Charles Theodore BERTOLI was to prove a cad, when on their
wedding day he failed to turn up leaving Odette to face the guests. They never

On the 27 January 1927 she married Salomon GOLDENBERG, who was born in
Chubra, Egypt. They had a daughter Janine in September of that year. However,
there is some doubt about Janine being their daughter, as the copy birth certificate I
have in my possession and dated 1933, has so many alterations, including the date
and time of birth, the names of parents: Raphael GOLDENBERG has been crossed
through and Salomon GOLDENBERG replaces it, and Dora GLASSMAN has been
crossed through and Odette's name replaces it. The Maire has accepted all these
amendments. I believe that Salomon had a brother called Raphael.

The marriage documents state that the marriage between Salomon GOLDENBERG
and Odette Renée Cissie BULOT legimised Jaqueline Bertholine and I understand
that in French Law, this is almost the same as adopting and thus making her his
eldest child.

The marriage didn't last. Salomon's family were not happy because my grandmother,
Odette was not a Jewess, but a Catholic, and from the family tales, he was told by his
father, Aaron GOLDENBERG, that if he didn't divorce her, he would find himself
disowned. Aaron GOLDENBERG, was a director of the Bank of Cairo and it is
believed he was quite wealthy. My grandmother refused to divorce him, although
from what I have been able to glean so far, she had left him in November 1929. He
apparently tried to gain custody of my mother, in order to force Gran to divorce him.
This she did, and he didn't gain custody of Mum.

Gran and the two children returned to England, but when Janine was about seven
years old, Salomon demanded she be returned to him. I gather Gran had no wish for
this to happen, but eventually after he threatened her father with the Courts, she gave
in, and Janine was returned to his custody.

As far as we are aware, my Gran never saw her second daughter again. She always
said that they had gone to America during the war to get away from the Nazis. This
of course was untrue; they were in France all through the war. And, knowing how
Gran had fought to keep her first child, leaves me to believe that Janine was never her
child. Again ... I may be wrong.

Odette Renée Cissie BULOT she was born and so she died, in April 1985 in Margate,
Kent. She too suffered from Alzheimers.

In 1987, my Mum was contacted by her sister, some 50 years after they had parted. I
have never met this long lost aunt, as I was in Australia at the time, but I gather they
seemed to get on fairly well, but the relationship gradually cooled, and since my Mum
is now suffering from Alzheimers, there has been no contact between them.

Perhaps one of the saddest things I learned, was that Janine told Mum that she had
no recollection of her at all, and it was only because her daughter had found some
documents amonst Salomon's papers, that she first knew of her sister. I personally
find it hard to believe this story, as we have letters she has written to her sister and her
mother as well as photographs sent, dated as late as 1937. Yet all our lives we have
heard about this sweet sister, and seen the pain our Mum has suffered at being parted
from her.

If you can shed any light on any of the above, I would love to hear from you.