David Mckenzie CALL was born in Scotland and from the 1881 & 1891 Census his age
would give a birth year of 1847/1848. That is all the information we have regarding his

Information that we have gathered is as follows:

A John CALL married an Elizabeth (Betsey) GRANT in Inverness, Scotland on the 2
December 1845, and they had the following children:

17 Aug 1849 - Charles CALL
5 Sept 1852 - Margaret Ann Grant CALL
c.1856 - Jessie Grant CALL
8 Feb 1859 - James Mckenzie CALL
8 Sept 1862 - John Mckenzie CALL
7 July 1867 - Isabella Mckenzie CALL

No record has been found of John Call and Betsey Grant ever having had a David.

However I found a David CALL (CAUL) and Margaret MCKENZIE who married in
Inverness on the 21 November 1843 and they had the following children:

Alexander christened at Inverness on 22 November 1844
George Inglis David christened at Inverness on 22 June 1848
Donald 19 May 1850
Jamestina Williamina christened at Inverness on 27 February 1853
Ann born Inverness9 June 1856
David William born Inverness 29 December 1858

David William CALL is not our David, as he lived worked and died in Inverness, and is
also ten years too young. Could our David in fact be George Inglis David? He seems to
disappear altogether from Scottish Records, or anywhere else to date.

In the IGI I also found the following:

Peggy MCKENZIE born 23 October 1821 to N Alexander MCKENZIE and Flora

From the Scottish 1871 Census we have a Margaret MCKENZIE aged 51 this would give
a birth year of 1820/1821. So these could well be her parents.

I remember my great grandmother mentioning a Flora MCDONALD as a family member,
but had assumed she was referring to some distant link to The Flora MCDONALD of King
Charles History. Perhaps I have been wrong and this is the connection.

If you recognise any of these folk and can connect to any of them, I would be pleased to
hear from you...