8 October 2002

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My cousins Mandy and Karen very kindly sent me information they have gleaned so far from Taunton Records Centre. Together with information I have found on then IGI and Free Births Marriages & Death Sites, and information received from two kind gentlemen I have composed the following trees. I have listed below those who have yet to be verified as 'Ours'.
Churchill & James Family Tree
Churchill & James Family Tree
Meanwhile I too had been busy searching the net for any stray information that would help pin down these elusive James'. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I discovered we had been working towards the same conclusion.

Daniel James father was Samuel James born about 1785 at Isle Abbots, in Somerset where they can be found in 1841 Census. Daniel's mother was Elizabeth Churchill born about 1787 in Chaffcombe, Somerset, to Isaac Churchill and Hannah ???.

A John born about 1809/10 and a Samuel born c. 1811/12 may well be Daniel's brothers.

The following is information I discovered in the IGI:

Mrs Hannah Churchill (maiden name not known)
Event(s): Birth: Abt 1763 Of Chaffcombe, Somerset.
Burial: 18 Feb 1838 St. Michael's, Chaffcombe, Somerset.

Hannah's Husband
Born: Abt1751 Place: Of Chaffcombe, Somerset.
Married: Abt 1784 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.
Father possibly Absalom Churchill


Born: 1790 Place: , Somerset.
Christened: 12 Dec 1790 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.
Died: 21 Jan 1881 Place: Perkins, Erie, Oh
Buried: Place: Oakland Cem, Sandusky, Erie, Oh

Born: 1793 Place: Barnstable, Devon.
Christened: 6 Oct 1793 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.
Died: 26 Aug 1879 Place: Sterling, Johnson, Ne
Buried: 1879 Place: Buried/hooker Cem/gage County, Nebraska

Born: 1785 Place:
Christened: Feb 1785 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.

4. Elizabeth CHURCHILL
Born: 1787 Place:
Christened: Dec 1787 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.
Married: 28 March 1808 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset. to Samuel JAMES

Born: 1797 Place:
Christened: 26 Feb 1797 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.

6. Absalom CHURCHILL
Born: 1799 Place:
Christened: 9 May 1799 Place: Chaffcombe, Somerset.
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9 October 2002

Cosh, Green, Rossiter and Garland Family Tree
Cosh, Green Rossiter & Garland Tree

I have included this tree, but as yet the information for Hannah Rossiter has not been verified. We have a copy of the Parish entry for Edward and Hannah's marriage which I believe took place at Witham Friary, although I have checked the listing given on the net, and have not found confirmation. Perhaps they did get married in Batcoombe, and I have asked my cousin to check this out.

You will see from the copy certificate why we are uncertain as to Hannah's surname, it looks like Nopitot, and whilst the Rector's handwriting was very good for just about everything else, it appears scrawled as if he too was unsure of the spelling. A search of the Bann books if they still exist may well shed light on Hannah's surname.
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