Louise HÜNCHEN or HUENCHEN was, according to the 1881 Census, born
in Berlin, Germany around 1857/58.

Earlier this year my cousin Brian KOSBAB made contact with Charles
KOSBAB, who is the son of Grandpa Henry's brother, Charles. He has been
able to fill in a few gaps regarding his father and his brother, James, and told
us the name HINCHEN that we had from Louise Henrietta's birth certificate
should be HÜNCHEN, which means little bird or fish in German.

Using the present day German Telephone directory, I have found quite a
number of HÜNCHENS. Armed with this I punched in the name Hunchen into
the FamilySearch and came up with quite a lot of HUENCHENS. Undeterred,
I popped in Louise, and found one in Berlin with the right year. Over a period
of time, I have been able to prepare the above tree for this family, and although
I have no documentary evidence at this stage to prove they are 'Our' Louise's
family, the continued use of the same names feels good. Should I discover I am
wrong, then I will of course amend the tree immediately.

This is what I found: A Henrietta Luisa/Louise FROMHOLTZ married to a
Christian Daniel HUENTHE/HUENCHEN. Their son, Frederick August
HUENCHEN, who in turn had a daughter Louise Auguste HUENCHEN. The
children of Friedrick August appear reflect the names of the other children of
Luisa and Christian Daniel. There are also variations of FROMHOLTZ -
any other errors, then please e-mail and I will amend and / or remove. I have
included a list of all the children on Information page of this site

This Louise had a number of brothers, including a Carl and an Otto. What is
particularly interesting about this, is that my Mother has for years kept on
mentioning two brothers, Carl and Otto. We have always assumed that Otto
KOSBAB had a brother Carl. Well he may have, but we have found no
evidence for this. Somehow I think it is possible that these were Louise's
brothers, and that they may well have visited their sister here in England.

We have yet to discover if, and where Henry Frantz Otto KOSBAB and Louise
HÜNCHEN married.

Unless you have the information we need ...