1861 Ashill Census on Samuel JAMES and Family
1861 Ashill Census on John JAMES and Family
Elizabeth Mary JAMES and David McKenzie CALL married on the 7th October 1878,
both of full age and living at 41 Star Street, Paddington, London. Grooms father John
McKenzie CALL. Brides father Daniel JAMES.

David and Elizabeth had the following children:

24 Nov 1879 Elizabeth McKenzie CALL - Paddington Married Charles Eugene BULOT
(My great grand parents)
1882 David McKenzie CALL - Paddington Married Annie
15 Nov 1882 John Grant CALL - Ilminster, Somerset * Married Frances Mary DAVIES
1884 Nathan CALL - Newton Abbot, Devon
1886 James CALL - Kensington
1890 Alexander CALL - Paddington Married Alice
14 Feb 1892 George CALL - Hendon, London
Unknown - William McKenzie CALL - Unknown Married Bessie from Ireland
1895 -1 March 1950 Charles CALL - Unknown Married Chris from Ireland
1899 Frederick McKenzie CALL - Poss Somerset -Died Arras France 28 Apr 1917

David McKenzie CALL Senior Died 20 Jan 1926 age 72 year at Taunton and Somerset
Hospital. Informant was his son, Charles CALL of 11 Harbour Terrace Cork Ireland.
David's address is given as Kenny Bridge, Hatch Beauchamp. Hatch Beauchamp is the
address also given in the Somerset Memorial information for his son Fred at the time of
his death during WW1.

Elizabeth Mary Jane CALL née JAMES died in Paddington in the June quarter of 1929
aged 68 years. She was not as I first thought, living with her daughter Elizabeth
McKenzie BULOT, as Elizabeth and her family were in Paris, France at that time.

*John Grant Call confused matters by adding Mc to Call, as did my Great Grandmother
Elizabeth McKenzie Call on her daughter Odette's marriage certificate. Perhaps they
knew something we don't ! Was John McKenzie Call really John McKenzie McCall? If
anyone knows the answer, Please, don't hesitate zap the Email button at the bottom and
share with us. ** Please Visit Updates for NEW INFORMATION **
For more information on JAMES Memorials in Batcombe, Somerset
As yet we have very little information on our JAMES family. From the 1861, 1881 and
1891 Census we know that Elizabeth JAMES was born in Batcombe, Somerset, and I
now have a birth certificate for an Elizabeth JAMES born in Batcombe on the 1st
January 1858 to Betsey COSH and Daniel JAMES, Railway Labourer.

You may have noticed I has become we. From Genealogy Bulletin Board contact has
been made between myself and hitherto unknown cousins. We are now working
together on our CALL and JAMES Ancestors. From information gleaned by them from
the Batcombe Parish Church Records, and confirmed by another lady who also has
information on JAMES Families including our JAMES', our Elizabeth's baptism is not
recorded! The records show only the following children:

Mary JAMES bap. 23. 9. 1855
Edward JAMES bap. 28. 5. 1860 (in margin 6.3.1863 received with the Church)
Hannah JAMES bap. 6. 3. 1863
John JAMES bap. 21. 5. 1865

Our Elizabeth also called herself Elizabeth Mary on all the documents we have.

Elizabeth gave her father's name as Daniel JAMES on her Marriage Certificate. It is
therefore likely that Daniel JAMES born 1825 at Ashill, Somerset, and Elizabeth COSH
born Upton Noble, Somerset, were her parents.

My newly found cousins Mandy, Karen and Angela provided the information regarding
Daniel, his father Samuel and Daniel's wife Elizabeth COSH, together with a copy of
Daniel and Elizabeth's marriage entry in the Batcombe Register on the 5th November
1854, giving their ages as 29 and 25 years, thus giving birth years of 1824/25 and
1828/29 respectively. Daniel's father was Samuel JAMES, Labourer, his mother is as
yet unknown, and Elizabeth's father was Edward COSH, Tiler, and her mother Hannah,
surname as yet unknown.

On Samuel JAMES I have found the following on the IGI:

Samuel JAMES Sex M Event(s) Birth: 28 Mar 1802 St James, Bath, Somerset,
Parents: Father: William JAMES Mother: Hester.

Samuel Taylor JAMES Sex M Marriage: Spouse: Esther Trollop 6 Feb 1824 of Frome Somerset.

And still with the IGI only the following for Daniel:

Daniel James JAMES Sex M Event(s) Christening: 10 Mar 1824 Bath Abbey, Bath, Somerset
Parents: Father John JAMES Mother: Hannah

This record of Daniel doesn't tie in with the Samuel ones above, but the date of birth is
in the right region.

The 1861 Census shows a Samuel JAMES and a John JAMES and their families living
in Ashill, Somerset, where our Daniel was born. I have included their information on
my Information Page - click Information Link at foot.

I f you can shed light on any of the above and either help eliminate or tie them in we
would love to hear from you.

On Elizabeth COSH, I have only what Mandy and Karen have so kindly provided. I
have so far been unable to find anything else - again if you are a decendant and can
fill in the missing gaps, we would love to hear from you.

I have recently discovered that COSH is a Sept of the Clan BOYD of Scotland! This is a
very interesting fact. Was Elizabeth COSH of Scottish ancestry. Did her daughter
Elizabeth Mary JAMES meet David CALL as a result of her own possible Scottish

My great Grandmother, Elizabeth McKenzie (CALL) BULOT, also told me that her
mother (Elizabeth Mary JAMES) was a Spanish orphan who had been found by a Welsh
Squire in Spain. He had brought her home, and he and his wife had adopted her. This
doesn't quite tie in with what we have found so far, but Mandy & Karen have found in
the Taunton Records Centre a record of Edward COSH and Hannah's marriage, sadly
the writing is poor, but both believe Hannah's surname looks as if it could be foreign.
As they say, often a nugget of gold is to be found in family stories, it just may be a bit
further backwards (or forwards) than was believed.

Looking at the birth dates for Hannah she would have been about 45/46 when she had
her daughter. Are they in fact adoptive parents. Is their daughter Elizabeth COSH the
person my great grandmother was referring to? More research is necessary, but
again, if you have any information that can fill in the gaps and would like to share with
us, please ... don't hesitate ... send me an email.