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Making a selection from the many hundreds of photographs was an enormous
task. In the end I have kept it to a bare minimum. Many of those you will see
here appear on the Family Ancestors page. This I thought gave a more
rounded picture (excuse the pun!).

Maud Mary (Westlake) Kosbab

a Maud Kosbabb.JPG

John Kosbab

b Dad - John Kosbabb.JPG

Jacky (ne Bertoli Goldenberg)Kosbab

c Mum  Jacky Bertolib.JPG

Odette Bulot

d Odetteb.JPG

Elizabeth (ne Call), Charles & Andre Bulot

e Ma, Pa & Andre

Odette & Andre Bulot

f Odette & Andreeb.JPG

Elizabeth (ne Call), Charles & Nenette Bulot

g Ma Pa  & Nenetteb.JPG

Linda & Lily Kosbab

h  Lin & Lilyb.JPG

John Kosbab with sister Lily

i  Lily & Dad  21 6 01b.JPG

Juliet (ne ?) Bulot wife of Henri Bulot

j Juliet (ne ---) Bulotb.JPG

Henri Bulot brother of Charles Bulot

ja Henri Bulotb.JPG

Elizabeth (ne Call) Bulot aged 40 yrs

k Memere 1940b.JPG

Elizabeth (ne Call) Bulot's brother & his sons

l McCall boysb.JPG

Not sure if John McCall Sn or Jnr

m John Call Desert Ratb.JPG

Definitely John McCall Jnr

o John McCall Jnrb.JPG

Elizabeth Bulot with 3 of her children & d-i-l, Grace

p Memere, Odette, Andre, Henri & Graceb.JPG


Elizabeth Bulot with daughter in law Grace

q Memere & Graceb.JPG

Salomon (Sam) Goldenberg - Step Grandfather

r Saloman Goldenbergb.JPG


On the following page you will find pictures of people we believe may be relatives, but as yet are
unknown to us ... so if you should recognize anyone at all, please do send me an email.

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C A Haley - Humblebee Design.
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