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To our Unknown Folk Photographs

From the vast collection of photographs we have, practically all connected
in some way to my maternal side, I have decided for now to include only a
few of those who we have no names for. I may add to them later, but
should anyone recognize anyone and notify me then I shall put the
information on the Update Page.

Is This Tom Call


Is he Frederick Mckenzie Call

02 Is he a CALLToob.JPG

Or is he Frederick Mckenzie Call

03Another CALLb.JPG

Charles Bulot centre, but who are the others?

04 Pepere & Anonb.JPG

French Uniform, taken in UK is he Gruet Jules?

05 Unknown Frenchmanb.JPG

Salomon Goldenberg or Charles Théodore Bertoli

06 Sam Goldenbergb.JPG

Salomon Goldenberg or a brother?

07 Sam G  or brotherb.JPG

Is this lady one of the (Mc)Calls or friend?

08 Unknown ladyb.JPG

I hope you have enjoyed your visit, and if you recognized anyone, please do email me. If not, please,
do visit again, as I hope to add more photos and update any information received either on family
trees and or photos
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