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This Family History site with its trees, information, stories, birth death and
marriage certificates and Census details was only possible due to the programs
listed below. For a brief description, let your cursor hover over the icons.

Almost as many hours have been spent designing the graphics as has been
spent on researching my ancestors, and I have often wondered which has
given me the greatest pleasure. I think they are about equal.

I would like to thank all those who have
written and said how much they have enjoyed
my site; those who have very kindly given
awards, and those who have put links on their
own sites to mine.

For those who haven't yet started on their
own web sites, I would say, if you enjoy a
challenge, then don't wait - Go Have Fun!
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This program has helped me understand website building and design layout! AceHTML4PRO

A neat little program that collects and produces in html all your favourite bookmarks, just edit out those you don't want - Super! Bookmark Wizard (A Freebie)
CoffeCup has just joined my arsenal, to fill the gap that AceHTML occasionally leaves CoffeeCup HTML V.9

The ONLY Family Tree Program that lets YOU do what YOU WANT! Without it the trees on this site would not have been possible! GSP Family Tree v.1.0d

Great prog! Quickly Crops, cleans & improves images, make thumbnails & contact sheets.  Every Computer should have it! IrfanView

Leech makes Uploading your Website ea-sy! LeechFTP

Picture Manipulation with this program is a dream Micrografx Picture Publisher v. 7 & 8

All the graphics on this site have been produced using these remarkably easy & versatile programs.  Keep Up the Great Work Serif! Serif DrawPlus v. 5 & 6

This was the 1st program I used, and is still the only one that allows you to place graphics transparently with ease.  I recommend it highly for Beginners. Sierra Inc. WebStudio v.1 "

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