5 July 2001

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My Dad and I paid a visit last year to his sole surviving sister in Devon. She is a remarkable lady who, at the age of 92 years still insists on walking down to the town and back, even though her eyesight is poor and her legs not what they use to be. Sadly because there has been little contact between her and Dad over the last thirty or so years, we spent most of our visit mending fences.

The only new piece of the jigsaw we obtained was that Maud Mary (ne้ WESTLAKE) Henry KOSBAB'S brother had emigrated to Canada sometime after the War! Which war we have no idea as yet, but we do know his name was Jack WESTLAKE. It is possible that this is the Jack my gran spoke of as being granddad Henry Kosbab's brother Jack who suffered from severe frost bite during the war? Was he Gran's brother and not granddad's? It is quite likely that his real name was John, as my Dad's granddad, William Westlake, always called my Dad, Jack.

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19 June 2002

Since we saw my aunt last year, my Dad has kept in touch with her, but it appears that time is eroding her memory, as it generally takes most of the call just establishing who Dad is. I think this avenue has become a dead end. I do know that my cousin David Frost (No! Not of TV fame) visits occasionally, but auntie was rather vague about where he lives, except to say somewhere in London. If you should know him do get him to send me an email, as he may well prove to be the key we need to unlock the door to the information my aunt has in her possession, whether, photos, letters or documents.
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12 December 2002

1891 Census

There really must be angels around after all - I found the following 1891 Census details recently on the net, thanks to all those wonderful people transcribing the Census' at RootsWeb Free Census, as well as those at RootsWeb Free BMD - they are doing a remarkable job. I hope to join then sometime next year to do my bit and give a little back. Anyone with a computer and a connection to the internet can help and the more who do, the quicker the information will be available to everyone - For Free!

This shows that my great grandfather appears to have married for a THIRD time! First was Sidwell of Cornwell, then Mary E (was this E for Elizabeth?) of Lidford, and now an Elizabeth, also of Lidford. I have found marriage details of a William Westlake and an Elizabeth Gale December Quarter 1890 at Tavistock ref 5b 733. However, I still haven't found a marriage for Wm & Mary E and I think I will have to check back from 1878 for a Wm and Elizabeth just to eliminate the possibility of a wrong name on the 1881 Census. It is possible that she started using Elizabeth after their daughter, also Mary E, was born.

Enumerator 22 Folio 131 Page 24 Sched. 145 - Cottage
WESTLAKE Elizabeth Head M F 33 y (1857/58) DEV Lidford
WESTLAKE William Son M 16 y Blacksmith(Em'ee) CON Camborne
WESTLAKE John Son M 9 y Scholar DEV Sampford Spiney
WESTLAKE Maud Dau F 12 y Scholar DEV Sampford Spiney
WESTLAKE Mary Dau F 10 y Scholar DEV Sampford Spiney
GREGORY Susan Aunt W F 59 y Seamstress

As can be seen, great granddad William is not at home! Tut, Tut! I wonder if this was the time when he went to Canada. I am beginning to think that it was he and not any of my grandma's brothers, who went to Canada during the gold rush era. I do know that my Dad recalls his granddad Wm telling him about the time he was in Canada. A check of the ships around this time is another avenue to search. He was definitely back by 1901 as you will see from the 1901 Census Clips page.

AND we now have a another brother of gran's - John Westlake - was he the Jack Westlake who emigrated to Canada? I think so, and I wouldn't mind betting that he was the Jack who was with my granddad Henry Kosbab during WWI who suffered frostbite. Ah here we go again - more research needed.

I think I have also found great great grand daddy (well if he was our Wm's dad that is) on the 1891 Census

Enumerator 18 Folio 80 Page 5 Sched. 31 - Sampford Road
WESTLAKE William K Head M M 62 y Black Smith(Em'ee) DEV Buckland Monachorum
WESTLAKE Lucy M Wife M F 36 y DEV Whitchurch

He too has a new wife, his old one being Annie Gilbert. I must do mor research and see if I can find out more on this - there is a great gap in their ages and one wonders if Lucy may be a daughter, who was mis-entered by the enumerator or even the transcriber.
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