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BAWP is the only national organisation to embrace women of all ranks and grades within the Police Service. Our mission is to ensure that those women are heard

This is the website for the British Association of Women Police (BAWP for short). The Association was founded in 1987, and is the only organisation in the UK to draw members from all ranks of the police service,and support staff, both male and female. We have representatives not only from the 'geographical' forces throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but also from many others - including British Transport Police, Isle of Man Constabulary, Guernsey Police, UK Atomic Energy Constabulary, RAF Police, Ministry of Defence Police, and Royal Military Police.


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About Us.....

We are partly self-funded, although now have the benefit of some funding from the Home Office, and are run on a voluntary basis by an Executive Committee consisting of serving and former police officers from across the United Kingdom.

Our President is Assistant Chief Constable Julie Spence, from Thames Valley Police, and we now have a National Co-ordinator, Irene Divine. Both of these, and other committee members, can both be contacted via our 'Contact Us' page.

Nationally, The BAWP is an associate member of the Womens' National Commission and has links with the Equal Opportunities Commission.
BAWP is frequently asked to comment on topical issues and has contributed to a wide range of publications including national newspapers and magazines as well as police literature.
Internationally, The BAWP is affiliated to the International Association of Women Police who is represented at the United Nations.
IAWP conferences are held annually
BAWP is also linked to the European Network of Policewomen


What We Do.....

We have:

Organised several Training Days on topics as diverse as:

Established good working relationships with HMIC, Police Federation of England & Wales, Police Superintendents' Association, National Black Police Association, and Lesbian and Gay Police Association, in order to work together on issues of mutual concern

We also:


Our Aims.....


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