Does the scene outlined here sound familiar to any of you?
You are laying in bed, you are tired. It's been a busy day and you just want to sleep. But try as you might the old grey bits wont slow down enough to let you drift off and you are consumed with the thoughts of the day and perhaps the day to come.

After a few minutes, or was it an hour, you notice a curious sensation of being unable to move. It has sneaked up on you so stealthily that by the time you were aware of it, it was too late to do anything about it wasn't it? A mild panic sets in? You try to reason your way out of it with a bit of rational thinking but rational thoughts have suddenly become very thin on the ground.

You really are paralysed and the more you struggle the tighter this invisible grip becomes. Perhaps this strange paralysis is followed by the unsettling sensation of an overbearing weight crushing you or invisible hands clutching and squeezing various parts of your body?  Perhaps you perceive whispering in your ear or you feel that someone is in the room watching and waiting close by.

You no longer feel rational and you attempt to shout for help only to find you cannot speak or call out because your jaws have become as immobile as the rest of you. They feel as if they have been glued shut along with your eyelids. Mentally you struggle to shake the horrible feeling of imminent death off you and just when you feel you may lose the fight, the condition passes or perhaps someone close by has realised all is not right and has broken the spell by calling to you or placing a hand on you?

If this rings any bells, dont are not alone. People all over the world experience this regularly. And there are many who feel alone confused and afraid of it. Understandably they worry about confiding in anyone for fear of ridicule or worse being diagnosed with some mental illness. Too self conscious to tell even those closest to them, let alone the professional set, It is these people this site is dedicated to.

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