A few pics of my cock piercings and what can be done with them!

If you can summon up the interest, click on the thumbnails to see the bigger version!

old rings New PA Big ball ring 6mm now Up to 8mm? no ring
I remember had small holes in my dick from when I first started playing with it. 
I think they were from circumcision but were just waiting there all this time to have rings put through
Unfortunately this little exploration into piercing caused one of the holes to open up so I had to go out and get a PA! I started with a thin ring but made up for it with the big ball! I was soon up to a 6mm x 19mm ring I can now just get this 8mm one in and am working on getting it a bit more comfortable Gosh wouldn't it be boreing without the metalwork
nailed down cock another nail captured by cock boot hooks ballweight hanger BIG SHINY BALLS
Well at least the hole comes in useful Whichever way you look at it! And can even stop you running away At least it's somewhere to hang up your boots at night Or even that spare ballweight And the steel really does show off those shiny balls