1854/2721 Class GWR Pannier Tank 

The kit includes parts for :

The earlier small bunker as well as the later, large bunker , early open and later closed cabs
Fluted coupling rods for the 2721 class and plain rods for the 1854 class.
Alternative springs for both classes

Prototypes with earlier counter-sunk riveted tanks, intermediate snap-head riveted tanks or later welded tanks can also be  built from the one kit.

No. 2795.

Model constructed to show locomotive as rebuilt from saddle tank with original open cab but later larger bunker.

Tanks also detailed with 'snap-head' rivets. 
This particular model built with working inside motion.  Crank axle made using Martin Finney GWR-pattern inside cranks on a 
standard Slaters axle.

Cabside plates, transfers and correct GWR-pattern working screw couplings from 
CPL Products, Newbury

Model built and painted by Chris Wesson

Model shows locomotive with flush riveted tanks, original open cab and small bunker

Photo courtesy of Lee Marsh