GWR 3232 Class 4mm Scale

The model, built and painted by Martin Finney, shows an example of the class as running in 1926.

Two kits are available in 4mm - one with the early S4 boiler with round topped firebox and the other with the B4 boiler and Belpaire firebox.

The above model shows:

A B4 boiler with a Belpaire firebox . 
Plain splasher fronts - The alternative early type with brass beading are included.
mokebox wrapper with snap-head rivets - again alternative plain and riveted smokebox wrappers are in the kit
Later steel roof - alternative parts to represent the original wooden are included.
The cast brass dome and safety valve cover have been painted over (shame !)

An example of the 7mm kit, built to represent a member of the class in 1906 condition, can be seen under the 7mm section. 

This can also be achieved with the 4mm kit.