LNER/BR A4 Class 4-6-2 in 4mm scale

Model built to P4 standards and painted by Chris Pendlenton.

Model built to EM gauge standards and painted by Brian Woodland.

The highly acclaimed Martin Finney kit for this very popular locomotive is also available in 4mm scale.

Features of the locomotive kits are:

Finely detailed, one-piece polyurethane resin casting for the streamlined casing.
Etched running plate which is easily attached to the casing with self-tapping screws.
Compensated chassis which can also be built rigid.
Choice of etched side-skirts for locomotives in original condition or for the later condition with skirts largely removed.
Choice of single or double chimney
Highly detailed nickel-silver etchings for the motion, with all prototype forked joints faithfully modelled and with working conjugated valve gear (which can also be reversed).
Fully working Wakefield lubricator drive
Fully detailed cab interior (including working side windows and cab doors) using fine etchings, lost-wax castings in both nickel-silver and brass and whitemetal castings.
Removable cab roof which is built on an etched jig to ease construction.

There are two tender kits available to run with the A4 a kit. The 1928 Corridor tenders were originally fitted to certain selected A1 and A3 pacifics. In 1936 they were modified and fitted to the new A4s. The kit contains alternative parts to build both of these versions and is therefore also suitable for the A1 and A3 kits, both of which are still available, as well as for the new A4 kit. More recently I have also produced the Non-corridor Streamlined tender.