West Country/Battle of Britain Light Pacific - under construction

Another photo of 34091 WEYMOUTH

Details such as the Stone's steam generator, correct Bulleid-type crankpin screws, and other delightful 'goodies' can all be seen.
The rivet detail on the casing has been 'washed out' in the photography - but it is all there on the model l!!
Come and see it for yourself at the Reading 'O' gauge trade show on 6th December 

Front of body with platform assembly,
smokebox door and smoke deflectors
(temporarily) added

Resin body casting with ladder and etched parts added

Close up of front assembly which is made up as a separate unit.  

Top view of the casing showing detail

The injectors and associated pipework is all
very characteristic of a Bullied Pacific

Completed frames


Slide bar/crosshead assembly and cylinders.  
These are made/painted as separate units which certainly makes life more straightforward 

Rear truck

Clasp brake gear assembly.  This can also be made demountable for painting

Backhead - just look at that detail !!  BEAUTIFUL !!!
The pedal for the Ajax steam operated doors will be added after final installation.

Front of 8'6" wide 4500 gallon tender

8'6" wide 4500 gallon tender body under construction