West Country/Battle of Britain Light Pacific - 7mm scale only

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21C158 Sir Frederick Pile in September 1948 condition.
Nameplates and Smokebox Roundels by Severn Mill Nameplates (Chris Gordon Watford)
Model built and painted by Chris Wesson
The shield surrounds were profile-milled by Chris Wesson.
Otherwise kit locomotive was built 'Straight from the box'.
Transfers by Fox Transfers apart from the hand-painted 's's which precede the cabside and front numbers.  Model built and painted by Chris Wesson       Photo courtesy Railway Modeller

Photos by Tony Wright.  Model built by John Edwards

The kit features:

Over 130 detail castings.
A single resin casting for the casing and front cowl.
The usual Martin Finney standards of accuracy, detail, refinement and ease of construction.
A main body cast in resin in the same way as the highly successful LMS Duchess and LNER A4 kits
The body casting will be designed so that the safety valves can be modelled in the correct position for the selected prototype.  
Three different etched cabs  - the early 8ft 6in wide as well as the V-front 8ft 6in and 9ft versions.
Different lengths of smoke deflector.
Alternate parts for  Ash pans

All photos of the completed model below courtesy Railway Modeller

Front of the Martin Finney Bulleid Light Pacific model.
The lamps are correctly shaped lenses which are exactly like the lamps on the prototype.
Cab interior showing the level of detail both in the cab and under the dragbeam.
It's pretty much all there !!

Close up of the cab showing the injector and pipework detail.
The cab windows are made to slide.
The flexible pipes between loco and tender had not been installed at this stage.

Close up of the cylinder assembly.  
All of the fine lost-wax castings and other parts shown in the photo are included in the kit as standard.

Close up of the rear of the 4500 gallon tender. 
This view, clearly shows the level of detail at the back of a Bulleid tender - steps, brake shaft and supporting bearings, brake cylinders, ladders etc.
Again all of the fine lost-wax castings for the electric lamps and coupling-hook lamp and switch are included in the kit as standard.

Close up of the front of the 4500 gallon tender. 
Even here a high level of detail is seen including the lamp on the underside of the roof.

lh front 34.jpg (73202 bytes)  
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The tender kits both consist of finely detailed etchings and castings - 20 in lost-wax brass and nickel-silver and 32 in whitemetal !

Alternative components are provided to enable the models to be constructed in 'as-built' condition with side-raves and the T.I.A. water treatment system or the later cut-down form with the BR water treatment system.