GWR Curved Frame Bulldog  7mm scale

 3303 St Anthony as 'built' (actually rebuilt from a 'Duke' Class 4-4-0) in 1907.

As can be clearly seen, the level of accuracy and detail included in the Curved Frame Bulldog kit 
is to the usual high standard synonymous with Martin Finney kits.

The history of this class of 41 engines is quite complex, the first 21 engines being built new as Bulldogs whilst the remainder were rebuilds of the earlier Duke class.

This new kit contains many alternative parts to enable construction of an accurate model from circa 1904 to the withdrawal of the last member of the class in 1948. Included are three chimneys, safety valves with or without top feed, alternative cab sides and roofs, two different bogies and a choice of half cone or three quarter cone boilers.

 The kit is highly detailed in etched nickel silver and brass with detail castings in brass and whitemetal.  

The photo on the left shows that the crank webs on the crank axle and the eccentric sheaves can indeed be seen under the boiler.

On the right the photos shows the cab detail.