LMS 'Duchess'

46245 City Of London.  Modelled in 1957 condition when maroon livery first applied with LMS-style lining.
Model built, painted and lined by Chris Wesson

This kit, still probably the ultimate 7mm kit to be released to date by any manufacturer, has alternative components to build the original stream-lined locomotive in their post-war de-streamlined condition (6220-6229, 6235-6248) and the following non-streamlined locomotives (6230-6234,6249-6252)

The locomotive kit features:

A single resin casting for the firebox and boiler with a separate resin casting for the smokebox and outside steam-pipes.
Fully working (and reversible) valve gear with an optional kit to build the inside cylinders and crank axle.
A fold-up jig to ease assembly of the running plate.
The usual Martin Finney high standards of prototypical accuracy, detail, refinement and ease of construction.

Alternative parts for:
Single or double chimney
Curved front platform of utility front platform
LMS speedometer or BR speedometer
Smoke deflectors ( for non-streamlined and un-streamlined locomotives)
Single or double brake shoes
Original trailing truck or later BR version

The tender kit has alternative components for both the non-streamlined tenders fitted to 6230-6234 and the de-streamlined tenders fitted to the remainder of the locomotives are provided.

The kit has been designed with the following features:

Finely detailed etchings in brass and nickel silver.
Compensated chassis.
20 brass castings and 35 whitemetal castings including a fully detailed coal pusher.
Comprehensive instructions with prototype information including dates of all tender changes.

46240 City Of Coventry.  Modelled in 1962 condition when maroon livery with LMS-style lining applied.  AWS equipment also fitted to model.
Set of 13  plates supplied by Diane Carney, Glasgow
Model built, painted and lined by Chris Wesson

46241 City Of Edinburgh.  Modelled in 1962 condition.  AWS equipment also fitted to model.
Set of 13  plates supplied by Diane Carney, Glasgow.  
Model built, painted and lined by Chris Wesson

Photos taken during Construction

Like the LNER A3 and V2, and the LSWR T9 kits, the Duchess footplate builds up on a jig.  This gives a firm datum for construction.  The photo shows an the drop front end of an un-streamlined loco.  The de-streamlined version is similar but the dropped area is built as part of the chassis and not the body as in the above case.

Chassis.  The cylinder assembly is built up as a separate unit which, being held in place with screws, can easily be detailed for painting.  The valve gear is built with prototypical forked joint (where appropriate) and can also be reversed!  An LMS speedometer is featured above but the kit also includes the BR version.

Body fitted to the chassis.  The body consists of two resin castings, joined using epoxy adhesive.  The assembly is fixed to the footplate with self tapping screws (provided with the kit). Photo shows the difference at the rear of the de-streamlined (left) and the non-streamlined (right) tenders. The de-streamlined version has a ladder instead of steps, twin fillers and different breather pipes.  The back is also recessed.  The cut-outs at the front are also shallower.