GWR City  7mm scale

 3440 City Of Truro as 'built' in 1903.

The model was built virtually 'straight from the box' with only minor modifications necessary to accurately portray City Of Truro in 'record-breaking' condition.  The additional work involved the removal of most of the 'snap-head' rivet detail from the frames, platform and cab sides, together with other small modifications eg -  the relocation of vacuum pump lubricator on the leading left-hand splasher.  

The early Cities were not built with copped-capped chimneys so the alternative casting for a cast-iron chimney, included in the kit, was used.  The alternative lost-wax safety valve cover casting, for early locos without top-feed, was also used on this occasion.

Those with a particularly keen eye may also spot that the model was built to ScaleSeven standards.  In common with all Martin Finney kits, the building of City Of Truro to ScaleSeven standards was straightforward and did not involve the scratch-building of any additional parts or modification to the basic kit.

The model was built, painted and lined by Chris Wesson.

Nameplates, Builders' Plates, tender transfers and GWR-style locomotive screw couplings by CPL Products.
Cast GWR lamp sockets by Shedmaster.

NB - The cabside plates were not available at the time the photo was taken.