GWR   Broad Gauge 'Rover' 4-2-2 in 7mm scale - ScaleSeven Standards


The twenty four engines which make up the Rover class exhibit many detail differences being built in essentially four different sub-classes. 

An accurate kit is only possible for one of these sub-classes and I have chosen the 1880 built engines mainly because the only drawing known to me is of these.

The engines involved are:  

Bulkeley Dragon
Great Britain Emperor
Sebastopol Alma


Whilst I believe these engines were built in 1880 with large 3000 gallon tenders photographs indicate that several were subsequently paired with earlier 2700 gallon tenders.

The kit allows both of these tenders to be built – they share a common under frame.

The kit is highly detailed in etched brass and nickel silver.

Many of the large castings are in gold or nickel-plated pewter to represent the prototype polished brass appearance whilst the detail castings are in brass and nickel silver.

Both engine and tender have a fully compensated chassis.

The very detailed instructions will include a CD containing prototype pictures and pictures of the model during construction.

A kit to construct working inside motion is also available as an extra.

Suitable wheels and crank axle are already available from AGH Miniature Engineering (Alan Harris)

As an alternative Slater’s also produce wheels for both loco and tender.   

The model is designed to be motorised using a special gearbox available from ABC gears.


Loco and tender kit - £525.00

Kit for working inside motion (not including cranks) - £42.00

Cast inside cranks for use with Slater's axles - £8.00/pair

The model of SEBASTOPOL was built 'Straight out of the box' with no 
special treatment given eg replacement of castings with lathe turned parts.
Various jigs/fixtures have been incorporated into the design making construction very straightforward and the kit a pleasure to build. 


Many of the parts eg smokebox/boiler/firebox/cab screw together not only for ease of assembly but to also make the painting/lining more straightforward.

Although the ‘Rover’ is a single, the fact that it also a Broad Gauge locomotive meant that working inside motion could still be incorporated with a specially designed motor also driving on the crank-axle.

The various plated parts show up particularly well on the painted model which would have pride of place in any collection.

Wheels from AGH Miniature Engineering.
The name, builder and tender plates were supplied by Chris Gordon Watford.
The lamps were obtained from Laurie Griffin (formerly Shedmaster).
Motor/gearbox specially designed for the ROVER kit by ABC Gears.

Model built and Painted by Chris Wesson.  Photo courtesy David Cooper.

The photos below show an (almost !) complete model built from the new kit.