LSWR M7 Class in 4mm scale

LSWR M7 No.54 in 
1912 condition.

Model built to P4 standards by Martin Finney

Painted and lined by 
Chris Wesson


The model shows one of the B13 batch which featured:

Combined front splasher and sandbox

Long frames

Long tanks with feed-water heaters fed by exhaust steam.

Duplex pumps mounted between the driving and bogies wheels

LSWR practice was to give each of the various build lots of their locomotives different classifications.

Thus the class known usually as M7 is actually made up of 15 batches:

 M7, V7, E9, B10, C10, G11, H11, B12, C12, X12, Y12, B13, D13, X14 and A15s.

It is possible to build many of these versions direct from the kit as alternative parts are already provided.

30052 was one of the B13 batch
built in 1905 with long frames, combined splasher/sandbox and long tanks.

The loco was originally fitted with Duplex feed pumps used with heated feed water.  

The pumps were replaced by 
injectors sometime after 1922

Photo courtesy Steamline Sheffield.