LSWR/SR/BR Drummond T9 4-4-0.

There are two engine kits - one for the first 51 'narrow, locomotives and a second kit for the final 15 'wide' engines. The kits will build virtually all versions from c1900 to the last withdrawals in the 1960s. Included in the kits are parts for the engines built with saturated steam boilers and also for the engines rebuilt with superheated boilers.

Detailed variations include the various front sanding arrangements, two chimneys, plain or fluted coupling rods etc. Also available as an extra is a kit to build fully working inside motion

The kits are etched in brass and nickel silver with over 50 detail castings in brass and 25 in white-metal. Construction of the loco bodies is eased considerably by the use of fold-up jigs for the footplate.

Model of T9 (Narrow version) 287 built in early 1930s condition

Urie Superheated smokebox with snap-head rivet detail and clamping dogs for smokebox door, sandboxes now inside frames and later type of front splashers fitted, later type of clack valves re-sited on boiler side, oil pipes for hydrostatic lubricator in cab along boiler side.

The same kit includes parts to enable a model of this locomotive to be constructed portraying all conditions from its building in 1897 through to withdrawal in 1961.

Drummond 'Watercart' 8-wheel tender shown.

Working Inside Motion and correct Drummond pattern hornblocks were fitted to this particular model. Both items are available separately.

Model built, painted and lined by Chris Wesson


Locomotive built by Gordon Weddell.

Loco and tender bodies painted and lined by Chris Wesson

Photo courtesy Gordon Weddell

Model of T9 (Wide version) 30313 with Drummond 'Watercart' 6-wheel tender
Built in early 1960s condition

Specification otherwise as 
287 above

Model built, painted and lined by 
Chris Wesson